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Read data from cell---str​ucture--mu​ltiple fields to table

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buer le 3 Fév 2015
Commenté : buer le 4 Fév 2015
Anyone gives me some basic idea. I have one cell which is 1X1000 cell, inside is 1000 1X1 struct. Inside this struct is 6 fields....My target is to get all those data with the column head fields name, then all 1000 data goes in the table. It is nested, so I need little help. Thanks .

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Peter Perkins
Peter Perkins le 3 Fév 2015
Not 100% sure of your description, but this might be what you want:
>> for i=1:3, c{i} = struct('a',i,'b',100+i); end
>> c{:}
ans =
a: 1
b: 101
ans =
a: 2
b: 102
ans =
a: 3
b: 103
>> s = [c{:}]
s =
1x3 struct array with fields:
>> t = struct2table(s)
t =
a b
_ ___
1 101
2 102
3 103
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buer le 4 Fév 2015
This is exactly what I want...thanks a lot...

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