how to write a for loop for 4 screws which have x,y,z so that it get print

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PA le 4 Juil 2022
Commenté : PA le 5 Juil 2022
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Garmit Pant
Garmit Pant le 4 Juil 2022
Can you please elaborate your question?

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Garmit Pant
Garmit Pant le 4 Juil 2022
Hello Anwesha
You can use the following code snippet to write the data that you have provided into a text file.
x = [77,-60,-1.11; 120,-60,-1.11 ; 130,-60,-1.11; 140,60,-1.11];
fileID = fopen('exp.txt','w');
for i = 1:size(x,1)
fprintf(fileID, 'SCREW;X;%4.2f\n',x(i,1));
fprintf(fileID, 'SCREW;Y;%4.2f\n',x(i,2));
fprintf(fileID, 'SCREW;Z;%4.2f\n',x(i,3));
You can read more about 'fprintf' to understand how text can be written into text files:
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