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urlwrite instruction for Matlab 2013b

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buer le 5 Fév 2015
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Can anyone explain to me how to use urlwrite function in 2013b version? With the suthentication parameters also. I want to download some files which are linked through some url with http authentication. But my problem is that I can not find a good document about the parameters for urlwrite together with authentication.
URL = 'http://csa.esac.esa.int/csa/aio/product-action';
fileName = tempname;
gzFileName = [fileName '.gz'];
[gzFileName,st] = urlwrite(URL,gzFileName, 'Authentication', 'Basic', ...
'Get', {'Username', '<username>', 'password', '<password>', ...
'2011-11-10T18:00:00Z', 'END_DATE', '2011-11-10T21:00:00Z', ...
'NON_BROWSER', '1'});
fileNames = untar(fileName);
for iFile = 1:numel(fileNames)
here is one example, but I do not know what is the meaning of all those: DATASET_ID', 'C1_CP_WHI_ELECTRON_DENSITY', 'START_DATE', ... '2011-11-10T18:00:00Z', 'END_DATE', '2011-11-10T21:00:00Z', ... 'NON_BROWSER', '1'}
Can anyone help me with this? I believe the urlwrite in 2013b has the authentication function right? Thanks in advance

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