How to convert images folder to .mat

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abdullah al-dulaimi
abdullah al-dulaimi le 12 Juil 2022
I have this path ('C:\Users\hp\Desktop\testing\abood'), and i want to convert all images in this path to .mat file
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Debadipto le 12 Juil 2022
Please refer to this answer. Hope this helps.

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KSSV le 12 Juil 2022
Modifié(e) : KSSV le 12 Juil 2022
thepath = 'C:\Users\hp\Desktop\testing\abood' ;
imgFiles = dir([thepath,'\*jpg']) ; % give your image extension
N = length(imgFiles) ;
for i = 1:N
imgFile = fullfile(imgFiles(i).folder,imgFiles(i).name) ;
I = imread(imgFile) ;
[filepath,name,ext] = fileparts(imgFile) ;
fname = [thepath,filesep,name,'.mat'] ;
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Bhagavathula Meena
Bhagavathula Meena le 24 Sep 2022
I have been searching for the same context to my work . Thank you very much . its working .

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