creating folder in matlab

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PA le 14 Juil 2022
Commenté : KSSV le 15 Juil 2022
how can i create a folder in matlab which will store all my text files in it

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KSSV le 14 Juil 2022
Read about mkdir

Chunru le 14 Juil 2022
% create folder (in current folder)
folder = "mydir";
% save data in a file in the folder
a = rand(3);
save(fullfile(folder, 'test.txt'), 'a', '-ascii');
% show the file
type mydir/test.txt
9.1502065e-01 3.7285299e-01 4.3150896e-01 7.5313780e-01 3.3675547e-01 7.8404462e-01 6.1655730e-01 8.5559888e-01 5.9375337e-01
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KSSV le 15 Juil 2022
It saves in the pwd... You give path in the name.

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