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How to create a surface plot (with height in Z3) from X1,Y1,Z1: X2,Y2,Z2,: X3,Y3,Z3 coordinates?

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Aine le 21 Juil 2022
Commenté : Aine le 21 Juil 2022
Hi there,
I have a large excel file which contain approx 250,000 X1,Y1,Z1: X2,Y2,Z2, and X3,Y3,Z3 coordinates. I got these co-ordinates from analysing a shape (roughly rectangular cuboidal) in 3 Matics software and exporting to excel.
X1,Y1,Z1 are the coordinates of the first node of the triangle, X2,Y2,Z2 are the coordinates of the second node of the triangle and X3,Y3,Z3 are the coordinates of the third node of the triangle. Z3 represents the thickness of my shape. I have tried using scatter and plot3 but the graphs are not what I am looking for. I have attached an image of roughly the type of graph I am hoping to make.
If anyone has some advise, I would greatly appreciate it.

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SAI SRUJAN le 21 Juil 2022
Hi Aine,
From my understanding of your question, I hope the following documentation which has a similar use case may give you an insight of how to create a surface plot,
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Aine le 21 Juil 2022
Thank you for the reply @SAI SRUJAN. For some reason my code does not seem to be running. I think having three nodes of a triangle, each node represented by an XYZ coordinate makes it a little more complicated. I'm unsure how to feed so many nodes into the above functions without incurring multiple errors.

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