How to convert raw value shape into image

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Stephen john
Stephen john on 31 Jul 2022
Commented: Stephen john on 1 Aug 2022
I have the dataset into shape of 1x1000 which is name as outputdataset
After that i have a code which convert this data to binary image form of shape of 1000x10000. which i converted it into the image the shapes does not remain the same , the shape changes the pixels overlapped on one another.
How can i modified the code to make this shape similar to Original Shape. my image dimision will remain the same 1000x10000. and when i resized it into 227x227 the shape will be shown.
Can anybody help me
I have attached the shape of the image as 10000size image and 227x227 image
%% create grayscale shapes that resemble the data
[numImages, lenImage] = size( outputdataset);
imSz = 1000; % assuming images are 1000x1000
imbg = false(10000,1000); % background "color"
imfg = ~imbg(1,1); % forground "color"
imSizeOut=[10000 1000]; % ImageSize
for k= 1:numImages
imData = round( outputdataset(k,:)); % get pattern
[~,Y] = meshgrid(1:1000,1:10000); % make a grid
% black and white image
BW = imbg;
% convert to uint8 (0 255)
valueestimationimage = im2uint8(valueestimation);
% resize (from 1000x1000)
% convert to uint8 (0 255)
imoriginalestimate = im2uint8(BW);
imoriginal = flipud(imoriginalestimate);
im=imresize(imoriginal,[227 227]);
im = repmat(im,[1 1 3]);

Answers (1)

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 31 Jul 2022
Resizing will either subsample the line away or else change the value and blur it. To get it sharp again, just threshold it
im = im > 0;
or just create it as 227 x 227 in the first place.
Stephen john
Stephen john on 1 Aug 2022
@Image Analyst After making im, i repeat the matrix and make shape of 227x227x3 to classify it using sequeezenet model.
im=imresize(imoriginal,[227 227]);
im = repmat(im,[1 1 3]);
YTest = classify(net,im);

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