Simple interactive plot with variable time axis

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dormant le 7 Août 2022
Réponse apportée : Lei Hou le 31 Août 2022
I have a plot containing three subplots, all of which have date/time as the x axis.
Whats the easiest way of making this plot interactive, with only the following features:
  • change the time axis for all three subplots together
  • autoscale the y axes for the data visible in the plot.
It doesnt have to be a GUI. i'm happy to type xlim at the command prompt, as long as i can say things like 'now' and 'now minus 3 days'.
P.S. The data times are always in UTC, which is 4 hours ahead where i am. every single script i write has manual corrections to UTC. is it possible to get MATLAB to work in UTC by default?
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dormant le 8 Août 2022
I'm just starting to get to grips with datetime, but slip back to datenum most of the time.
I'll add to this question when I have some working code.
dpb le 8 Août 2022
Particularly with plotting and if you're writing new code, DEFINITELY ditch datenum in favor of datetime and duration -- plot is now datetime aware and that lets you get rid of the very painful datetick entirely -- plus you can then set limits, ticks, etc., etc., directly in datetime values that don't have to go thru the number conversion to datenum so they're also legible as dates.

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Lei Hou
Lei Hou le 31 Août 2022
Hi Dormant,
The function "stackedplot" is designed to plot time series data corresponding to the same time. I guess that function is what you are looking for.





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