Attempt to execute SCRIPT varargin as a function:

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Hla Hla
Hla Hla le 14 Août 2022
Commenté : Matt J le 15 Août 2022
if ndims(img) ~= 3
error('first argument should be a 3D image');
% in case of a label image, return a vector with a set of results
if ~islogical(img)
labels = unique(img);
labels(labels==0) = [];
epcd = zeros(length(labels), 1);
for i = 1:length(labels)
epcd(i) = imEuler3dDensity(img==labels(i), varargin{:});
% Process user input arguments
delta = [1 1 1];
conn = 6;
while ~isempty(varargin)
var = varargin{1};
if ~isnumeric(var)
error('option should be numeric');
% option is either connectivity or resolution
if isscalar(var)
conn = var;
delta = var;
varargin(1) = [];
% Euler-Poincare Characteristic of each component in image
chi = imEuler3dEstimate(img, conn);
In this coding, following error
Attempt to execute SCRIPT varargin as a function:
C:\Program Files\mATLAB\R2019a\toolbox\matlab\lang\varargin.m

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Matt J
Matt J le 14 Août 2022
Your function does not begin with the function declaration line.
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Hla Hla
Hla Hla le 15 Août 2022
Matt J
Matt J le 15 Août 2022
You're welcome but please Accept-click the answer to indicate that your question was resolved.

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