yyaxis 'right' - can I have tick marks on both sides?

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I'm creating a figure to illustrate data availability/quality. It's one plot with no subplots. See attached.
I add a small plot at the bottom of the main plot using yyaxis 'right' and fiddling with the y limits. I can't work out how to put the tick marks and labels on both sides for just this bottom plot.
Can this be done?
Here is the relevant part of my script - it is not possible to share the whole script and the data here.
plot( XP1, YP1, 'b|', 'MarkerSize', 10 );
plot( XP2, YP2, 'r|', 'MarkerSize', 10 );
stations = [ "MSCP (0.7km)"; "MSUH (1.0km)"; "MSS1 (1.3km)"; "MBFR (2.0km)"; "MBLG (2.1km)"; "MBLY (2.1km)"; "MBRY (2.4km)"; ...
"MBBY (3.3km)"; "MBHA (3.5km)"; "MSMX (3.7km)"; "MBGH (3.8km)"; "MBWH (3.9km)"; "MBWW (5.0km)" ];
nsta = length( stations );
ylim( [0 nsta+2] );
yticks( 1:nsta );
yticklabels( stations );
h.YAxis.TickLength = [0 0];
h.XAxis.TickLength = [0 0];
set(h, 'Ydir', 'reverse');
box on;
yyaxis right;
bar( ngoodSta, 1.0, 'k' );
ylim( [0 60] );
yticks( [0 2 4] );
ax = gca;
ax.YAxis(2).Color = 'k';
Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 6 Oct 2022
Also consider turning on the "box" and using grid lines instead of using double labels.
box on
grid on

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