Pick three numbers at random from a vector

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How do you pick three numbers at random from a vector?
So I have a=1:10, a1=a(1:2:end) and I want to select three numbers at random from a1. I've tried a2=randperm(a1,3) but I get an error :
Error using randperm
Inputs must be nonnegative scalar integers.
Any help is greatly appreciated!!
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David Young
David Young on 13 Feb 2015
So did you even look at the answer to your previous question, which included the use of randperm?

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 13 Feb 2015
Try this:
indexesToUse = randperm(numel(a1),3) % 3 random indexes
a2 = a1(indexesToUse) % Extract 3 values from a1

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