How to save spectrogram?

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Sania Gul
Sania Gul le 21 Août 2022
Commenté : Rik le 22 Août 2022
Kindly tell me, how I can save the spectrogram without any labels, ticks or surrounding frame area as a JPEG image in my hard drive?
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Sania Gul
Sania Gul le 21 Août 2022
Modifié(e) : Sania Gul le 21 Août 2022
Method # 2 of
Although the above link was for part of spectrogram, but I applied it for the full spectrogram.
But it is saving the x and yaxis along with numbers over them and the frame itself.
Sania Gul
Sania Gul le 21 Août 2022
I have also tried this, but same results.

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Rik le 21 Août 2022
You can do the work yourself (as the axes contains a Position property from which you can determine what you need to crop), but the export_fig function from Yair Altman is probably what you need.
It should be able to export a screenshot of only the axes itself.
Otherwise, you could try digging in the properties to see if there is a CData property you could export directly (which would be the raw underlying data).
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Sania Gul
Sania Gul le 22 Août 2022
Its done. So So sO many thanks. Infinite thanks. OOOOF I m in the air.
Rik le 22 Août 2022
You're welcome, glad you were able to help yourself ;)

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