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Identify all toolbox dependencies

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David Wilby
David Wilby le 27 Août 2022
Commenté : Image Analyst le 29 Août 2022
requiredfilesandproducts lists all the installed toolbox dependencies, but not those that aren't installed.
The dependency analyser is capable of detecting required toolboxes that aren't installed, is there a way of doing this programmatically?

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst le 27 Août 2022
See attached function.
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David Wilby
David Wilby le 29 Août 2022
Great, thanks. But this function just invokes requiredfilesandproducts, which as described in the question, only lists the installed required toolboxes, not the uninstalled toolboxes.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst le 29 Août 2022
That utility lists all toolboxes and m-files required to run the program. It does not list functions within a toolbox and does not list toolboxes that are uninstalled (not/never installed) or toolboxes that are installed but never utilized by your m-file. To get a list of all installed toolboxes, whether or not they are used by your m-file, you can use ver:
s = ver;
allInstalledToolboxes = {s.Name}'

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