Cplex Matlab connection problem

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Emmanouil on 19 Feb 2015
Commented: zhichao shi on 3 Aug 2017
Hello everyone,
I am trying to use Cplex with Matlab and I am encountering a strange problem. I am executing a big piece of code in Matlab, which, at a certain point, calls Cplex. Sometimes this call is succesfull, while other times, the cplex functions cause Matlab to crash, giving the message shown in the attached png file. If I press "Attempt to continue", I get the error shown in the attached txt file.
- There is no certain pattent that causes this crash. The error is usually caused when calling the function cplexoptimset('cplex') but other functions can cause that too, it is totally random.
-The strange thing is that if i open matlab and run cplexoptimset('cplex') in an empty workspace, it works fine every time. The problem shows up when it is embedded in my main code.
This error happens with any Cplex Optimization studio version (I have tried 12.6.1, 12.6 and 12.5) and in any pc I have tried. I am using Windows 7 64bit and Matlab 2014a.
Any ideas ?

Answers (4)

Eka Suwartadi
Eka Suwartadi on 20 Jun 2017
This may solve your problem: https://yalmip.github.io/cplexcrash/
zhichao shi
zhichao shi on 3 Aug 2017
It seems effective.

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Andrei Pavlov
Andrei Pavlov on 11 Apr 2017
I have the same problem too

Peter Leidl
Peter Leidl on 15 Jun 2017
Same here. Matlab 2015b. Any ideas?

zhichao shi
zhichao shi on 3 Aug 2017
Same problem. Matlab 2016b

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