Real time block timed out

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Martin le 19 Fév 2015
Commenté : Igor Prado le 30 Oct 2017
I am trying to run a simulink application on my computer (windows 8.1). this application has been decvelopped and is running correctly with the real time synchronisation block on computer with windows 7.
However, the simulation is running correctly on my new computer without the real time sync block, but as soon as I try running the simulation with this block I got the following error: Warning: The "Real-Time Synchronization" block has timed out while trying to synchronize to real-time kernel.
Hope you'll be able to help,
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Igor Prado
Igor Prado le 30 Oct 2017
Hi Martin, I got the same problem here. Did you solve it?
Thank you
Igor Acampora

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