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Touchstone file MATLAB code

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Jose Iglesias
Jose Iglesias le 5 Sep 2022
Trying to create a touchstone file to import into ADS at a frequency of 4 GHz. I know how to implement the Sparameter data as seen below. I am having issues trying to implement the data for the minimum noise figure Fmin=1.6dB, the optimum reflection coefficient ropt=0.62*exp(j*100*pi/180), and then the effective noise resistance normalized= 0.4. A typical touchstone file is shown below following my S parameter data. Any suggestions? I included the script as an attachment: I do not know how to implement the Fmin, ropt, and the normalized noise resistance.The problem statement is shown at the end.
S(1,1)= 0.6*exp(-j*60*pi/180);
S(1,2)= 0.05*exp(j*26*pi/180);
S(2,1)= 1.9*exp(j*81*pi/180);
S(2,2)= 0.5*exp(-j*60*pi/180);
"Typical touchstone file:"
>> S11 = 0.894*exp(-j*pi/180*60.6)
S11 =
0.4389 - 0.7789i
>> S21 = 3.122*exp(j*pi/180*123.6)
S21 =
-1.7277 + 2.6004i
>> S12 = 0.020*exp(j*pi/180*62.4)
S12 =
0.0093 + 0.0177i
>> S22 = 0.781*exp(-j*pi/180*27.6)
S22 =
0.6921 - 0.3618i
>> S = [S11 S12; S21 S22];
>> m = touchstone2('Ex11_2',2000,S);
"Problem statement"

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