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How to add the the "change in" symbol (i.e the small tringle) on y label

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Vikash Raj
Vikash Raj le 11 Sep 2022
Commenté : Vikash Raj le 11 Sep 2022
I have plotted the pecentage change in VTEC againg the Latitude. I have manage to obtain my graph but I want the add the triangle symbol to indicate change in beside VTEC (%) on the y label. Im attaching my plot and the codes.
plot(LT, VTEC6A1,'or-','MarkerFaceColor','r','MarkerSize',5);
ylabel('VTEC %','fontweight','bold','FontSize',9) % Before VTEC add the triangle symbol
xlim([-30 30]);
ylim([-100 100])
box on
ax = gca;
ax.LineWidth = 2;
title('06/01 ~00.28hrs Log -157^{\circ}','FontSize',10)

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 11 Sep 2022
ylabel('\Delta VTAC %')

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KSSV le 11 Sep 2022
Read about plot. The marker '^' goves you upper triangle and the marker 'v' gives you lower triangle.


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