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how to access Simulink Compiler (or any other way for real-time app designer and simulink interface)?

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Target: Real-time interface between app designer and simulink (found some appropriate solution if use Simulink Compiler but unable to access or use this Compiler)
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Muhammad Rehman
Muhammad Rehman le 3 Oct 2022
Déplacé(e) : Walter Roberson le 4 Oct 2022
Yeah sure I have License for MATLAB along with all necessary tools installed (i.e. simulink compiler and MATLAB compiler, I have cross checked it to confirm from add-ons that these compilers are installed).
Muhammad Rehman
Muhammad Rehman le 6 Oct 2022
@Harshit Gupta @Walter Roberson Thank you for your favorable response to my query to make things easier and understandable for me, these are the good suggestions that helped to focus on my problem deeply.

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Harshit Gupta
Harshit Gupta le 4 Oct 2022
@Muhammad Rehman, As per my understanding, you want to know how to implement a Real-time interface between App Designer and Simulink. You want that all inputs and outputs (signals etc.) should be seen as moving in real-time while giving output in your MATLAB App.
The following tutorials are a great place to get started:
In R2020b and newer releases, you can use the following objects and functions in the app code and callbacks:
  • To control your real-time application, use the 'slrealtime' target object.
  • To tune parameters, use 'setparam'.
  • To visualize signals and parameters in UI Axes, use instruments.
In R2022a, we introduced Simulink Real-Time App Generator. It enables you to automatically generate an App Designer instrument panel from a model. You can then open the generated MLAPP file in App Designer for additional changes. For more information, see Create App Designer Instrument Panels by Using App Generator .
Since R2021b, the Component Library in App Designer includes a set of dedicated Simulink Real-Time components that supports common operations that interface to a real-time application. For more information, see Create App Designer Instrument Panels by Using Simulink Real-Time Components .

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