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what is the url of server instance?

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Ahmed raafat
Ahmed raafat le 3 Oct 2022
Commenté : Walter Roberson le 19 Fév 2023
I have installed MatLab App Server
I have built the dash port using mps-dashboard
also I have created instance with port 9910
what is the link to open my apps?

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HimeshNayak le 15 Fév 2023
Hi Ahmed,
I understand you have created the instance and are looking for the URL to open your applications on the browser. You may use the following URL for the same: http://webAppServer:<PortNumber>/webapps/home/index.html
As you are trying to view application using port number 9910 use the following URL: http://webAppServer:9910/webapps/home/index.html
For more information about running an application in the web app server you may visit the following link: https://in.mathworks.com/help/webappserver/ug/run-a-web-app.html
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Ahmed raafat
Ahmed raafat le 19 Fév 2023
I thought I could upload to online website not local server
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 19 Fév 2023
mps-dashboard and related are for controlling local servers, I would think.
You can interactively create, start, stop, and configure on-premises MATLAB® Production Server™ instances using a dashboard interface.
(emphasis added)

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