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create a tab which appear before closing the GUI

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PA le 10 Oct 2022
Réponse apportée : Allen le 10 Oct 2022
How to create a tab which appear when i close the GUI to ask whether i want to export if i have not done and if its done its just close?

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Jiri Hajek
Jiri Hajek le 10 Oct 2022
You have to create a UIFigureCloseRequest callback, which is easily done in AppDesigner by a right click on the app.UIFigure in Component Browser.
Then, in the callback, use a.uiconfirm functiion, which gives two alternative answers (OK or Cancel). In an if-else block, you can manage the options you need do perform. You can close the app by the command delete(app).
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PA le 10 Oct 2022
how to create a check variable inside theclosed figure call back function :1 if its save, 0 if save not done
PA le 10 Oct 2022
selection = uiconfirm(app.UIFigure, 'Do you really want to close the Project without Saving?',...
' Close Request','Options',{'Save','Donot Save','Cancel'});
switch selection
if x ==1
x= save is done;
elseif x==0
x = save is not done
delete (app)

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Allen le 10 Oct 2022
@PA, I typically use something similar to the following.
qstr = "Do you really want to close the Project without Saving?";
qans = uiconfirm(app.UIFigure,qstr,"Close Request", ...
"Options",["Save","Don't Save","Cancel"], ...
if strcmp(qans,"Canel")
elseif strcmp(qans,"Save")
% I typically have a save function assign to a push button callback
% within my App and call it directly from here.
% You can also directly insert any save functions that work for your
% data type.
% save(...)


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