How to speed up the Spectrum analyzer in simulink (rule of thump)

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Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels le 23 Oct 2022
I'd like to ask for advice how to correctly set (use) a Spectrum Analyzer. I have a Simulink+SimScape simulation in continous time domain where my signals live. These signals which I am intereset in are about 100kHz frequency area (+/-20kHz)... How should I set up (configure) the Spectrum Analyzer to be "responsive" - as of now sampling to many points and simulation are slow-down, and quite time to refresh.
What "sampler" should be connected prior Spectrum Analyzer, or it has same internal sampling set by "Sampling rate (Sample/Update)"?
Should I combine with pre-connected "ZOH" on this signal under test?
Thank you helping me out.

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