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How process all images in one Time

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abdullah al-dulaimi
abdullah al-dulaimi le 4 Nov 2022
Commenté : DGM le 4 Nov 2022
I have this code for only one image, How can i change code to process all images in one time.
clear all;
%% Getting the input images
% disp('Provide the main image...')
[img_file1, img_path1] = uigetfile({'*.png'});
img1 = imread([img_path1,img_file1]);
% disp('Provide the image to be concealed...')
[img_file2, img_path2] = uigetfile({'*.png'});
img2 = imread([img_path2,img_file2]);
%% Conditioning of images
%checking for coloured images
if length(size(img1))==3
img1 = rgb2gray(img1);
if length(size(img2))==3
img2 = rgb2gray(img2);
%checking for unequal sizes of both images
[r1,c1] = size(img1);
[r2,c2] = size(img2);
r = min(r1,r2);
c = min(c1,c2);
img1 = imresize(img1,[r c]);
img2 = imresize(img2,[r c]);
%% Performing steganography
disp('Performing steganography')
final_img = img1;
for i=1:r
for j=1:c
num1 = bitand(img1(i,j),248);
num2 = bitshift(img2(i,j),-5);
final_img(i,j) = bitor(num1,num2);
%% Recovering the concealed image
disp('Recovering the concealed image')
recovered_img = final_img;
for i=1:r
for j=1:c
recovered_img(i,j) = bitshift(final_img(i,j),5);

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 4 Nov 2022
You cannot process all of the images at the same time. imread() is not able to read more than one file at a time.
You can read the files one at a time. If you make the files all the same size, you can potentially combine the contents into a single array and process the array.
if length(size(img1))==3
img1 = rgb2gray(img1);
I would remind you of the hint I gave at the end of my answer to your previous question,
in particular the bit about how augmented image data store can automatically resize files and automatically convert to color or gray.


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