Creating Animated 3D by Simulink

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Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels le 10 Nov 2022
I'd like to use Simulink 3D Animation to create animated surface (much simpler)
I am trying to use "VR Sink" from the Simulink 3D Animation tlbx. My input is just 2D Matrix (30x30) and some of the elemnets elevates per time which I'd like to have as 3rd (Z) axis.
Is there any hints to do simple surface modeling with "VR Sink" (example) ?

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Jan Houska
Jan Houska le 14 Déc 2022
Hi Jack,
the easiest way to achieve this is probably using an ElevationGrid node. This X3D node defines a geometry using a rectangular grid and an elevation above that grid. The elevation can then be changed from Simulink model if you make it an input of a VR Sink block. I have attached a minimalistic example to illustrate this.
Good Luck, Jan


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