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What does ~ signify in: function [x, f, g] = defineSystem(~, params)

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Pallov Anand
Pallov Anand le 16 Nov 2022
Commenté : Pallov Anand le 17 Nov 2022
function [x, f, g] = defineSystem(~, params)
syms p v z % states
x = [p; v; z];
f0 = params.f0;
f1 = params.f1;
f2 = params.f2;
v0 = params.v0;
m = params.m;
Fr = f0 + f1 * v + f2 * v^2;
% Dynamics
f = [v; -Fr/m; v0-v];
g = [0; 1/m; 0];

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Torsten le 16 Nov 2022
It signifies that the function "defineSystem" is usually called with two inputs, but that the first input can be ignored in the actual case because it is not needed to calculate the output variables x, f and g.

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