Error reading dates when using readtable function

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Hi Guys,
I have some date time values in an Excel (xlsx file). The date times are in a custom format( dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss) as shown below:
01/10/2021 00:00:00
01/10/2021 00:05:00
01/10/2021 00:10:00
01/10/2021 00:15:00
01/10/2021 00:20:00
01/10/2021 00:25:00
01/10/2021 00:30:00
01/10/2021 00:35:00
01/10/2021 00:40:00
01/10/2021 00:45:00
01/10/2021 00:50:00
01/10/2021 00:55:00
01/10/2021 01:00:00
I use the readtable function as follows to get the data from Excel into Matlab:
fileList = dir('*.xlsx');
DATA = [];
for i=2 %numel(fileList)nn
data = readtable([fileList(i).folder '\' fileList(i).name]);
DATA = [DATA; data];
For some reason after reading in the data Matlab changes the times by 1 second. For example it changes 01/10/2021 00:15:00 to
01/10/2021 00:14:59 as shown below:
However it doesn't do it for the first three readings. Any idea why this happens???

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 13 Dec 2022
N = dateshift(datetime('now'), 'start', 'minute')
N = datetime
13-Dec-2022 04:55:00
N = datetime
13-Dec-2022 04:55:00
N - seconds(eps(0))
ans = datetime
13-Dec-2022 04:54:59
You can see that for display purposes, MATLAB does not round up if even the smallest possible amount is subtracted from the time.
If I recall correctly, Excel custom date formats round.
I think if you were to look at the underlying time representations in the xls file, you would find that it is not exactly the full seconds you expect.
Ben Whitby
Ben Whitby on 13 Dec 2022
Thanks, I found that when saving the excel file as a .csv and reading in from that file it solves the problem.

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