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How to debug "Value must be a handle" error.

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Pallov Anand
Pallov Anand le 9 Jan 2023
Commenté : Adam Danz le 9 Jan 2023
For some expressions of x_k, y_k, E_k, why the error "Value must be a handle" is copming for the follwing code:
ani1 = animatedline('Color','r');
sub2 = subplot(2,1,2);
ani2 = animatedline('Color','k');
for k=1:length(t)
t_k = t(k);
x_k = x(k);
y_k = y(k);
E_k = E(k);
plot(x_k, y_k,'go','LineWidth',1.5,'MarkerSize',2)
hold on
plot(t_k, E_k,'go','LineWidth',1.5,'MarkerSize',2)
hold on
addpoints(ani2,t, E(1:end-1));
Can anyone plz help?
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Pallov Anand
Pallov Anand le 9 Jan 2023
Error using matlab.graphics.animation.AnimatedLine/addpoints
Value must be a handle.
Error in desiredpoint (line 106)
addpoints(ani2,t, E(1:end-1));
Adam Danz
Adam Danz le 9 Jan 2023
Thanks, please fill in your MATLAB Release info on the right column of this page or share it here.

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