I tried dragging an image into the edit box for an answer on Matlab Central and doing so destroyed my answer.

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I was composing an answer to a question on Matlab Central. I had the brght idea to illustrate something with an image. I dragged a screenshot (PNG) image into the edit box and the result was that my entire post was destroyed. I was left with an empty edit box.

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Jan le 16 Jan 2023
Modifié(e) : Jan le 19 Jan 2023
Yes, I can confirm this behavior.
For Firefox/Windows: When I drag an image into the field for editing (or anywhere else on the page), a warning appears asking if I want to leave the pager or stay. If I click on "leave", the contents is gone.
The behavior matchs the meaning of "leave the page" and is not unexpected. So what is your question?
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DGM le 17 Jan 2023
FWIW, I do get that message in plenty of other scenarios, so I'm just assuming it's something to do with the browser. Like I said, I never use DnD for file import.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst le 16 Jan 2023
Yes, but it warns you in advance that that will happen. Granted, it's not the most clear notice.
If you need to keep your original text, you need to copy your original text to the clipboard, and then drop the image in and say "Leave page" and then paste your original text back in.

Brian le 18 Jan 2023
I just ran a little test and I did not get a warning. The browser just displayed the image (as a file://...). When I clicked "Show the previous page" (the "back" button on the browser), I got the question form empty of the previously typed text in the edit box.
By way of specifics, I'm running Safari (16.2) on macOS (12.6.2, Monterey).


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