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How do I use Sequence Diagrams in System Composer?

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Ludwig Jakob
Ludwig Jakob le 25 Jan 2023
Modifié(e) : Josh Kahn le 26 Jan 2023
I use the System Composer in Simulink for modelling of components.
In addition, I want to create sequence diagrams, describing the behaviour of my components.
How can I get use of them?
In this video (How To Model System Behavior with Sequence Diagrams in System Composer - YouTube) , the sequence diagram is created via the "Architecture View" --> "New View" --> "Sequence Diagram".
I do not have this option in the dropdown of "New View".
Do I need another Toolbox for using sequence diagrams in the System Composer?
Is it only possible to use this from a certain version?
I use Matlab R2020bUpdate5 with
  • MATLAB Version 9.9
  • Simulink Version 10.2
  • System Composer 1.3
Many thanks for your support and answering my question.
BR Ludwig

Réponses (1)

Josh Kahn
Josh Kahn le 26 Jan 2023
Modifié(e) : Josh Kahn le 26 Jan 2023
Hi Ludwig,
Sequence Diagrams were first introduced in R2021a so you will need to upgrade to take advantage of them. Execution support for sequence diagrams was recently introduced in R2022b.
For more information on when features were added to a particular release of System Composer, you can find the release notes here:
Have a great day!


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