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How to calculate the VoxelValues using regionprops3

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mohd akmal masud
mohd akmal masud le 26 Jan 2023
Dear all, how to calculate the voxelvalues using regionprops3 after did the segmentation method.
Let say my gray image is spect as attached.
clear all
close all
[spect map]=dicomread('I-13125610N1.dcm');
info = dicominfo('I-13125610N1.dcm');
cc= [25,25,27]
% T = adaptthresh(spect, 0.000000000000001);
T = adaptthresh(spect, 0.000000000000001, "NeighborhoodSize", cc, "Statistic","mean");
BW = imbinarize(spect,T);
figure, imshow3D(BW)
data = regionprops3(BW,'Volume',spect,'VoxelValues', 'Centroid')
Error using regionprops3>getPropsFromInput
PROPERTY must be a string or character vector.
Error in regionprops3>parseInputs (line 1018)
reqStats = getPropsFromInput(startIdxForProp, ...
Error in regionprops3 (line 158)
[V,requestedStats,officialStats] = parseInputs(imageSize, args{:});

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Dinesh le 31 Mar 2023
Déplacé(e) : Image Analyst le 7 Mai 2023
Hi Akmal,
I understand that you are trying to find the voxel values using regioprops3. Regionprops3 is expecting "black and white image (BW), 3D volumetric grayscale image (V), and then properties" as input. Here you have changed the order of input. After 'BW' you have specified 'Volume' which is a property, then you specified 'V' and that is why you are getting the following error. Change the order to BW, V and then properties will solve the issue.
Please read the following MATLAB documentationon all available function overloads and properties for regionprops3 function.
Thank you

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Simon Chan
Simon Chan le 26 Jan 2023
Déplacé(e) : Image Analyst le 7 Mai 2023
Did you try the following:
data = regionprops3(BW,spect,'Volume','VoxelValues', 'Centroid')




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