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oblate and prolate figs

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Mushtaq Al-Jubbori
Mushtaq Al-Jubbori le 26 Jan 2023
Please can you help me to plot oblate and prolate ( code of Matlap) as in image
and if you can writen code of x^2/a^2 +y^2/b^2=1, where a^2=5.5 and b^2=7.73
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Mushtaq Al-Jubbori
Mushtaq Al-Jubbori le 27 Jan 2023
If you can provided me the code
Rik le 27 Jan 2023

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DGM le 27 Jan 2023
See ellipsoid()
r = [1 1 2]; % radius [x y z]
c = [0 0 0]; % center [x y z]
npoints = 30;
% if no output arguments are requested, a surf plot is created
% otherwise, look at the documentation
axis equal
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DGM le 2 Fév 2023
If all you need are 2D ellipses, then this simplifies.
% a and b are equal-length row vectors
a = linspace(2.7,2.3,4); % i'm just picking some numbers similar to the image
b = linspace(3.2,3.8,4);
npoints = 100; % pick a suitable number of points
th = linspace(0,2*pi,npoints);
x = a.*cos(th).';
y = b.*sin(th).';
hp = plot(x,y);
axis equal
grid on
leglabels = {'thing 1','thing 2','thing 3','thing 4'};
Mushtaq Al-Jubbori
Mushtaq Al-Jubbori le 14 Fév 2023
very thanks

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