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How to plot multiple plots in one figure without overwriting

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Joanne Hall
Joanne Hall le 5 Fév 2023
Commenté : Joanne Hall le 5 Fév 2023
Dear Matlab,
I have attached sample data with 2 groups - their mean averaged power spectrum signal).
GOAL: to plot all data in one figure without overwriting the data each time, in a for loop. (with one group plotted in red lines, one average signal for each - and the other group plotted in black ones, one average signal for each participant).
The data are power spectrum outputs from matlab's pwelch() function, for 2 patient groups EEG data. In the below for loop, It plots each signal in the same prescribed figure, but the problem is that it overwrites the figure, so in the end, I only have one signal plotted (the last signal in the looping index).
%% plot all in one fig
for ic = 1: length(rowmeans2c)
hold on
for id = 1: length(rowmeans2d)
hold on
hold off
Please help. Thank you so much in advance, as always!

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst le 5 Fév 2023
Modifié(e) : Image Analyst le 5 Fév 2023
Get rid of the calls to figure() clf because it's clearing everything you've plotted prior to that.

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