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How to input action in reinforcement learning template environment?

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I have modified the template environment to adapt my scenarios. My current action cosists of two vectors. The Action configuration is like the following.
function this = EdgeEnvironment()
% Initialize Observation settings
ObservationInfo(1) = rlNumericSpec([1 10]);
ObservationInfo(1).Name = 'schedule';
ObservationInfo(1).Description = 'schedule';
ObservationInfo(2) = rlNumericSpec([1 20]);
ObservationInfo(2).Name = 'ppath';
ObservationInfo(2).Description = 'ppath';
ObservationInfo(3) = rlNumericSpec([1 1]);
ObservationInfo(3).Name = 'completionTime';
ObservationInfo(3).Description = 'completionTime';
ObservationInfo(4) = rlNumericSpec([1 1]);
ObservationInfo(4).Name = 'computeDuring';
ObservationInfo(4).Description = 'computeDuring';
% Initialize Action settings
ActionInfo(1) = rlNumericSpec([1 10]);
ActionInfo(1).Name = 'schedule';
ActionInfo(2) = rlNumericSpec([1 20]);
ActionInfo(2).Name = 'ppath';
% The following line implements built-in functions of RL env
this = this@rl.env.MATLABEnvironment(ObservationInfo, ActionInfo);
The step function was designed like the following.
function [Observation,Reward,IsDone,LoggedSignals] = step(this, Action)
LoggedSignals = [];
% distance
node_distance = zeros(this.device_count, this.device_count);
distance = getDistance(this, node_distance);
% parameter list
parameter_list = getstruct(this, distance);
% the parameter list of device
device_list = get_device_list(this);
% Extract action
[schedule_act, ppath_act]=get_act(Action);
% schedule_act = Action{1,1};
% ppath_act = Action{1,2};
% Unpack state vector
last_schedule = schedule_act;
last_ppath = ppath_act;
last_completionTime = this.State{1,3};
last_computeDuring = this.State{1,4};
% Update system states
[schedule, stay_node_list, completionTime] = ComScheduling(last_completionTime,...
last_schedule, last_ppath, device_list, parameter_list);
[ppath, stay_node_list, completionTime, computeDuring] = PathPlanning(last_completionTime,...
last_ppath, schedule, stay_node_list, device_list, parameter_list);
prob = 1 / (1 + exp((completionTime - last_completionTime)/parameter_list.omega));
dice = rand(1);
if dice <= prob
last_ppath = ppath;
last_schedule = schedule;
last_stay_node_list = stay_node_list;
last_completionTime = completionTime;
last_computeDuring = computeDuring;
completionTime_iter(end + 1) = completionTime;
completionTimer_iter(end + 1) = last_computeDuring;
ppath = last_ppath;
schedule = last_schedule;
stay_node_list = last_stay_node_list;
completionTime = last_completionTime;
computeDuring = last_computeDuring;
Observation = {schedule, ppath, completionTime, computeDuring};
this.State = Observation;
% Check terminal condition
completionTime = Observation(3);
computeDuring = Observation(4);
IsDone = completionTime < this.completionTime_threshold || computeDuring < this.computeDuring_threshold;
this.IsDone = IsDone;
% Get reward
Reward = -completionTime;
We caculate the action value by the following function.
function [schedule_act, ppath_act] = get_act(action)
schedule_act = action{1,1};
ppath_act = action{1,2};
When I run the validateEnvironment function, the error is like the following.
I want to know how to fix them.

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Emmanouil Tzorakoleftherakis
Easiest thing you can do is add a break point and display what "action" variable is. It's obviously not a cell array so you cannot access is with braces {} in the "get_act" function. That's why you are getting the error
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Yang Chen
Yang Chen le 9 Mar 2023
It is about the size of my discrete action space. For example, my action space is like {[1, 2, 3],[1,3,2],[2,1,3],[2,3,1],[3,1,2],[3,2,1]}, which follows all random order of 1-3. When we increase the amount of number to 20, the amount of data size is over the system limitation.
Emmanouil Tzorakoleftherakis
Thanks for clarifying. This is the curse of dimensionality, not much you can do about that other than using a continuous action space unfortunately.

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