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Luca Ferro
Luca Ferro le 9 Mar 2023
Commenté : Luca Ferro le 13 Mar 2023
i'm trying to export a simulink webview (without the use of the report generator toolbox).
My thought was to convert the .slx file to .xml in matlab, then in python parse the .xml to .html.
this is my matlab code:
load_system('scSam') %scSam is the .slx model, mind it's just a dummy with some random blocks thrown in
save_system('xmltest', 'model_xml.xml','ExportToXML', true);
once i have the xml file, i parse it in python:
import lxml.html
from lxml import etree
xslt_doc = etree.parse("test-xslt.xslt") %this is the xslt template i'm using
xslt_transformer = etree.XSLT(xslt_doc)
source_doc = etree.parse("xmltest.xml")
output_doc = xslt_transformer(source_doc)
output_doc.write("htmltest.html", pretty_print=True)
my issue is that i cannot find or write a decent xlst stylesheet able to actually reproduce the simulink file.
I'm glad to hear some suggestions from you. Maybe this approach is overcomplicating things, or mabe there is a public simulink xlst file i don't know about. Or mabe this jsut can't be done withtout the toolbox
Edit: i'm thinking of doing the latter conversion part in Java, is it a good idea? i'm not really familiar with it other than the basics but i know it has some good xml libraries

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Sakshay le 13 Mar 2023
Hello Luca,
As per my understanding, you want to export a Simulink model to web view. You are able to convert a Simulink model to XML file, but are having trouble converting XML to HTML file.
You can use the MATLAB function "xlst" for the second part of your workflow. "xlst" function is used to transform an XML document using XLST engine. For example, to convert a file "info.xml", using the stylesheet "info.xsl", to the file "info.html" and launch the resulting HTML file in the MATLAB Web Browser, an example code for the same would look like:
xslt('info.xml', 'info.xsl', 'info.html', '-web')
For more information on "xlst" function, you can refer to the following documentation:
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Luca Ferro
Luca Ferro le 13 Mar 2023
that's neat, since now i don't have to go through python to do it. Thanks!
Still, do you think i can retrieve somewhere a stylesheet for simulink xml files?

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