How to put NaN in certain row of particular column according to another column having NaN in some row

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here in 10th column(u_py) some row is NaN , I have to put NaN in same row of 5th column (Pyrn2_Avg).
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Rik le 15 Mar 2023
Seems like a simple for loop would do. What have you tried?
Ritesh le 15 Mar 2023
@Rik I am new in matlab, and i have used this one
data.Pyrn2_Avg(~isnan(data.Pyrn2_Avg)) = data.u_py(~isnan(data.Pyrn2_Avg));
but it replaces all value of 10th column in 5th column.
please sugest me code for this.

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VBBV le 15 Mar 2023
data.Pyrn2_Avg(isnan(data.u_py)) = NaN; % assign NaN to this line

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