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file not found or permission denied

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PA le 12 Mai 2023
Réponse apportée : Shaik le 12 Mai 2023
I get an error of permission denied and also it says not enough input arguments when i try to export an output file

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Shaik le 12 Mai 2023
The "permission denied" error occurs when the user who is running the MATLAB program does not have write permissions for the directory where the output file is being created. To fix this error, you should check the write permissions of the directory and make sure that the user running the MATLAB program has write permissions.
Here is an example code snippet that uses the dlmwrite function to write a matrix to a text file:
% Generate a matrix
A = rand(4);
% Specify the filename
filename = 'output.txt';
% Write the matrix to the file
dlmwrite(filename, A);


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