plot between two variables

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almohanned alsufyani
almohanned alsufyani le 31 Mai 2023
Hi, I want to plot the (PR) vs. the (PR_ave) where (PR)changes daily while (PR_ave) is the aferage of the (PR), please change the code below to the desired goal, thank you
PR = (Md_MSF_seclatent_steam)./(Ncqsum); % Performance Ratio PR_ave=sum(PR)/365; % Average Performance Ratio plot(PR,PR_ave); ylabel("PR") xlabel("Days") title("Performance Ratio profile")
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Constantino Carlos Reyes-Aldasoro
What exactly is the problem for which you need help?
almohanned alsufyani
almohanned alsufyani le 31 Mai 2023
I want the code to produce a plot like this.

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Torsten le 31 Mai 2023
instead of
if PR is a row vector, or
if PR is a column vector.


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