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Good morning everyone.
I have this function that I have attached where selecting and giving the run only from line 45 to 56 I can display an image. however, the image is cut laterally as in the figure.
in fact, it seems that the domain is cut when nx is different from ny. To view these figures, .out files are inserted, but I can't attach them (I don't know why).
In some cases the images have no problems, in other cases either the plots are cut or I just can't see the image.
Could anyone help me to solve this problem?
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MarKf le 1 Juin 2023
Modifié(e) : MarKf le 1 Juin 2023
It would be easier to reply if we could recreate the issue.
From the figure it seems that just changing the x-limits of the plot (with for example xlim(-7e-4, 3e-4) after the plot) would work, but you say "that the domain is cut" in itself...
The only important lines (misleadingly included after a if false) would be:
contourf(x,y,z,[0.1:0.2:0.9 1 5 10 25 50],'ShowText','on');
hold on
So if you cannot include the file1 that is read (we wouldn't care about the .out output file for a fix) you could add a matfile inlcuding an example of the variables x,y,z,xbar,ybar (maybe xbar,ybar are not important either)
Otherwise the issue seems to be in the input file itself and what becomes of xmin

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