How to specify a custom offline help file path

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le 10 Juin 2023
Commenté : le 3 Juil 2023
I followed the instructions on the official website to install the document on the offline computer, with --destination to specify an installation location, after downloading, you need to set the root directory of the document in the startup.m file, set to help the installation location of the document, then this startup.m in which folder, or you need to create a new startup.m file, the Where to put it?

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Suraj le 22 Juin 2023
I understand that you're installing the documentation on an offline computer using the --destination flag. You must point MATLAB to the documentation and you can do so by following the below steps:
1. Open the "startup.m" file that is present in the directory pointed to by userpath environment variable.
Note: If you haven't created this file before, you will receive a popup asking if you want to create the file first. Select 'Yes' on the popup to create the file and start editing it.
2. In your startup.m file, add this line to set the documentation root to the new documentation location, where newDocInstallFolder is the path to the folder where you installed the documentation:
3.Restart MATLAB to complete documentation installation.
You may refer to the following documentation links for more information:
Hope this helps.
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le 3 Juil 2023
Many thanks for your kind and warm help,Suraj.

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