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unbalanced load on a synchronous generator

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K le 1 Déc 2023
I would like to apply an asymetrical load to a synchronous generator.
The original model has 3ph dynamic AC load as shown below and works perfectly fine.
I would like to apply an asymetrical load now like shown below, I applied a AC dynamic load in Y configuration, each getts a different input
I get wrong results (voltag 2.8e11V for a 400V generator)
Do you have any idea what is wrong?
Is there any possibility to apply an asymetrical load using power preferably (availabe data) and not a current load?
Thank you

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel le 3 Jan 2024
I tested these blocks and they don't seem to work well when split into a three phase load like this (even for a balanced load). I would recomend using the variable resistor block (there are also variable capacitor and inductor blocks) to implement the asynchronous load. It will require a bit more calculations (converter desired power to desired impedance based on line voltage) but it should give you a path forward to have a controllable load that can also be unbalanced.


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