simulink to workspace vs to file which is faster

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Robert Scott
Robert Scott le 17 Déc 2023
Commenté : Robert Scott le 18 Déc 2023
I am running long simulink simulations.
That are taking days to run. I see the memory getting eaten alive on my computer.
The model is not complex but logging a lot of data over a long period.
Is there any advantage to log to a file instead of a workspace?
There are to workspace blocks and to file blocks.
Which is faster?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 18 Déc 2023
Logging to workspace is faster than logging to file.
However, if you log to file then if you interrupt the execution then you will still have (most of) the log file. And logging to workspace runs the risk of running out of memory.
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Robert Scott
Robert Scott le 18 Déc 2023
It doesnt really mater at this point i found out.
I thought it was the logging. My model ran blazing fast with a home brew proportional controller in it. ~ 3hours
I needed the integrator for zero error and put in a simulink PID block.
Now my model will literally take 78 days to run at present speed. I cant remember a time when i built a simulink model that actually ran in a reasonable amount of time.
The model is highly optimized going with the normal math works suggestions. I clearly cant wait 78 days for this. Im going to end up having to swtich to some other tool.
The model with the simlulink pid even set at a reasonable discrete internal of 20 hz literally made the tool unusable.

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