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Customized 3D vector representation

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Richard Wood
Richard Wood le 6 Fév 2024
Commenté : Richard Wood le 6 Fév 2024
Hello everyone
I was wondering if it would be possible to customize the way in which the directionality of a three-dimensional vector is represented in MatLab, in such a way that the arrow has volume and presents a sphere at half its length, as in this image, which is shown can be found in the paper Domain wall dynamics in two-dimensional van der Waals ferromagnets
and that if I recall correctly has been done with povray.

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Matt J
Matt J le 6 Fév 2024
Modifié(e) : Matt J le 6 Fév 2024
The graphical element you describe can be created from a combination of a cylinder (the shaft of the arrow), a cone (the head of the arrow) and a sphere. All 3 can be co-plotted using a very simple interface with this FEX package:
Below is an example specific to your goals. Note that once you have the vector H of graphics handles, you can use hgtransform to re-position, resize, and re-orient the arrow to your liking.
deal([0 0 0], 0.2, 10); %Arrow shaft parameters
deal([1.1*shaftHeight/2,0,0], 30, shaftHeight/6); %Arrow head parameters
[sphereCenter,sphereRadius]=deal([0,0,0], shaftHeight/12); %Sphere parameters
Shaft=cylindricalFit.groundtruth([],shaftCenter,shaftRadius,shaftHeight,[0,0]); %Data-less ground truth objects
Sphere=sphericalFit.groundtruth([], sphereCenter,sphereRadius);
hold on
hold off
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Richard Wood
Richard Wood le 6 Fév 2024
Hi @Matt J. Thank you very much for your answer! I will try what you suggest. I have found this interesting arrow format example: magnetic skyrmion visualization. Get rid off the sphere sounds reasonable, given the very good output.

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