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How to send sensor data of smartphone to Matlab remotely

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Teo W.Y
Teo W.Y le 11 Juin 2015
Commenté : Walter Roberson le 28 Juin 2022
I am developing a tracking system that uses the GPS data of a smartphone transmitted to Matlab and process them in real time. I have been using the Matlab Mobile app to do so but it requires my smartphone to be connected to the same network as the PC running Matab. However, I want to transmit the GPS and sensor data remotely when the smartphone is in a traveling vehicle, and therefore will not be on the same network as my PC.
My question is will it be possible to transmit these data over a 3G/4G network from my smartphone to Matlab (running on my PC) through the Matlab Mobile app?
Thank you!

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 11 Juin 2015
MATLAB Mobile does not require that the cell phone be on the same local network as the PC. You can tell MATLAB Mobile to connect to a public IP address.
The rest is a matter of firewalls allowing the ports, and it might involve setting up static Network Address Translation for the port if the public IP address gets you to a router that is doing Network Address Translation for an internal LAN.
The main thing about MATLAB Mobile is that there is little to no security built in to the process -- no encryption of packets, little or no authentication that the incoming packets are from an authorized user.
I would thus recommend that you consider using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) between the phone and the PC.
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Ion Stefanache
Ion Stefanache le 28 Juin 2022
Modifié(e) : Ion Stefanache le 28 Juin 2022
maybe is good for you that link:
so is more more posibilities/protocols: TCP,UDP,websocket,mQTT...
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 28 Juin 2022
Note that MATLAB Mobile no longer permits connecting to your own computer, only to MATLAB Online. It does still have ways of transferring sensor readings

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