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NetCDF4 into GeoTIFF/TIFF file conversion

Asked by Ahsan Abbas on 30 Jul 2015
Latest activity Commented on by Kelly Kearney
on 31 Jul 2015
Hello Guys, I have a problem to convert the NetCDF file into GeoTIFF/TIFF file in matlab, i don't know how to do it (syntax), there are software's available for conversion, but the problem is i have huge data-set almost 300 images in NC file format and i don't have much time to do it manually, can some one please help me... Thank you


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Answer by Kelly Kearney
on 30 Jul 2015
 Accepted Answer

Netcdf isn't an image format, it's a gridded data storage format. So you'll have to give us more information about the data in those files (dimensions?) for us to help. I suggest looking at the documentation for netcdf, ncread, etc. as well as geotiffwrite.


Actually the data set is belong from Modis Satellite "Sea Surface Temperature", it contain 9 bands sst,l2_flags,sstref,latitude and longitude etc. The dimension information for sst is shown in attached picture.
That shows me the attributes, not the dimensions. In matlab, type
ncdisp('', 'sst')
(replacing with the real name of your file), and paste the output here.

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