Programatic access to Matlab Function block port parameters

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Andy le 8 Août 2015
Commenté : Andy le 8 Août 2015
For a Simulink model, I have a need for programatic access to port parameters on the MATLAB Function user defined function block. But, no combination of get_param() or get() functions is working for me. The same calls I can make to system ports directly is not working; for instance (referring to the attachment), the Size (PortDimensions) is showing -1 for get(Handles(2),'PortDimensions'), even though the Name ('U') and other parameters is correct. Please help; thanks.

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Azzi Abdelmalek
Azzi Abdelmalek le 8 Août 2015
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Andy le 8 Août 2015
Thanks for the quick response, but I think I am still looking. From the first link, I get this result on the 3rd line of step 1:
>> add_block(libname,'table_enum_dev/MATLAB Function')
A new block named 'table_enum_dev/MATLAB Function' cannot be added
If I try to skip this step, I am getting a B result, but it doesn't bake sense and none of the methods seem to be defined. The 2nd link appears to be to create a script, not find and alter parameters in an existing one.

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