how to crop many parts from one image

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bay rem
bay rem le 1 Fév 2016
Commenté : bay rem le 1 Fév 2016
hello i'd like to crop two existed blob from only one image...but every time i try, only one blob will be cropped (with imrop instruction) not the both ... any one help me please

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 1 Fév 2016
imcrop() can only crop one section at a time. imcrop() is only for rectangular cropping. This is necessary because in MATLAB, all matrices must be rectangular, and if you were able to crop multiple blobs then that would require that the result be an output matrix that was two disconnected rectangular sections.
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bay rem
bay rem le 1 Fév 2016
so please how can i crop multiple rectangular form from one image?

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