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passing unicode strings to standalone MATLAB application

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Vinayak Phalke
Vinayak Phalke le 9 Fév 2016
Modifié(e) : Kiran le 12 Fév 2016
Is there a way to correctly pass a unicode string to a standalone application compiled with MATLAB compiler?
I would like to pass in file names which are unicode (two byte characters) to process using MATLAB code compiled with MATLAB compiler. But it seems the default varargin command line arguments are based off ASCII strings and so they do not have the correct file name.

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Kiran le 12 Fév 2016
Modifié(e) : Kiran le 12 Fév 2016
You can read Unicode string and then convert it to the required format using following command:
bytes = unicode2native(unicodestr,encoding)
Refer following documentation for the command:


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