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verson independent protection?

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Andy le 1 Juin 2016
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Is there any way to protect IP in a Simulink model that is independent of version of the Matlab version? From the messages I am getting, Protected files must be same version, and our team is not having much success with S-function/mex files. I have no idea if any other methods are available. Thanks.
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Jeevan Joishi
Jeevan Joishi le 8 Juin 2016
Version independent protection for protect Simulink models is not available. You are right in mentioning that the protected model should run on the same version which was used to build it.
Although S-function/mex file is another option, I believe it offers the same level of protection and is still dependent on the platform used to build the S-function/mex file. The same is reiterated here as well.

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