Function plot appears reversed

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Gavin Seddon
Gavin Seddon le 22 Juin 2016
Commenté : John D'Errico le 22 Juin 2016
Hello, The plotted function Y value is e20 when it should be 13.6e1. So rather than a graph starting linear and going constant it rises exponentially on the Y axis. Eventually this graph will be used to demonstrate the constant region. The initial fit from which this function is taken is correct. Can anyone suggest why this miscommunication occurs?
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John D'Errico
John D'Errico le 22 Juin 2016
Drat. I was so hoping the mail order would come through. You are right though, the set of MATLAB tarot cards I ordered from that same source were of very cheap quality. They predict the past well enough, but that is all.

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