Is it normal, when applying gaussian oder median filter to image-profile, the counts increase significantly?

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Hello everyone,
I've got a huge problem right now. I'm analyzing some images in Matlab and do create average verticle profiles from the center of the image therefore. When applying a median filter or a gaussian filter to it, the peak/counts increases significantly up to 10%. Is this normal for these kind of filter and is there any other filtering option?
This is how I use them:
for j = 1:numofim
ImStack_filter(:,:,j) = medfilt2(ImStack_filter(:,:,j),[med_filt_size med_filt_size]);
for j = 1:numofim
ImStack_filter(:,:,j) = imgaussfilt(ImStack_filter(:,:,j),sigma);
Sigma and med_filt_size are the variables in there to adjust to filters.
i hope anyone can help me.
Thank you
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst le 27 Juin 2016
You know what an "average verticle profile" but we don't. Attach images or plots that illustrate your problem.

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