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1. If to build a second GUI inside the first GUI, is it as simple as building them seprately in different files and call the second GUI inside the first GUI?
2. If use deploytool to convert this to .exe, do you put both GUIs under "main files", or do you put the first GUI under "main file" and put the second GUI under "Shared Resources and Help Files"?
I have been confused on this topic, please guide me with a more direct answer :) Thank you for reading my concern!!
chlor thanks
chlor thanks on 4 Aug 2016
Oh I forgot to mention! I created my GUI in GUIDE since my coding skill is very limited. To keep things simple the GUIs will not shared their results or parameters.
Except that to get to the second GUI you have to click a button on the first GUI.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 4 Aug 2016
Put the first one under main file. Make sure it has a %#function pragma reference to the second; see
chlor thanks
chlor thanks on 5 Aug 2016
Thank you Walter! I believe I will keep them both running for now and stick with using %#function, I am still in the process of finishing the second GUI and I will give this a try after I am done, thanks for all these helpful info, much appreciated!

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